Form and Communication

Project 001 : Demistifying

Topic: Are doctors to blame for prescription drug abuse.

This project seek attention to patients who is addicted or misuse drug/painkiller.

As well as this addiction to painkillers effected me too because I’m suffering migraine and I think its important to talk about topics thats related to your life experiences. The side effects of these drug never been mentioned by doctors who prescribed it for me and I never new that these sides effects affected me when I took them multiple of times.

So I wanted to do some studies and research about it and I got this opportunity to describe it in this project. So, basically we patients can’t blame doctors for painkiller thats been provided which could cause addiction. And I though  kind of solving this problem by adding leaflet into the painkillers tablet packages. Obviously there is one but most of the time patient don’t have to look at these tiny texts that is full of information about the company, the market, what other product they sell, where is it from, side effect.. etc. , this paper could be helpful for people who want to read a long tiny texts filled both sides of the page ” who wants to know more about the company”.

On the other hand, I’m going to design an A3 leaflet that contains the painkillers information such as what is this tablet how you use it and the “side effects” that is the main thing I wanted to focus on by placing it back side of the page full bold and large font to ensure that anyone when they flip the side of the page would read this common side effect of any painkiller.

Two sided leaflet of painkiller.

There was some argument about designing of the side effect page by making some words larger , bold or regular font. However, their was no issue with font type, it just the page design and the set up for the side effect. So after making many designs and playing with font size and font style , I showed to many students and family relative to see which one is more attractive and legible.








1                                    2                                        3

I have added all the changes I made in the the side effect page just playing with the font style and size. Most of them agreed with side effect picture that is in the middle because it more comfortable to read and make sense look at the main effect such as change in vision, rapid heart rate,, etc.

This leaflet could be placed in any painkiller package because it has general information about painkiller and the most common side effect in them after misusing the amount of painkiller pills your taking.

Leaflet Outcome

Final Outcome

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Typography 1

Week 14 – Project 005: Final Poster A1

The week after we had to do 1 A2 poster following the critique that Professor law mentioned on last week and the suggestions. Next class Professor Law show us how to use indesign not illustrator for the typography poster , also he showed us how to scale the picture from one position to another. Then we did class critique so like each one of us write notes for the other for the mistakes they see.

A2 Poster

Critique A2 Poster

Then Professor asked for last semi final tiled A1 poster according to the colleges , Professor Law and Assistant Mahmoud critique for the A2 poster. Then we had another last critique for the semi final A1 poster. As professor Law critiqued my poster he mentioned that the poster is pixelated , play with the space for example, like the boxes need to be darker and the sentence size should be larger than the paragraph.

Semi Final A1 poster

Critique A1 Poster

After that I started to work on my final A1 poster with suggestion that Professor Law recommended me to do. I  also asked for Assisstant Mahmoud help to see the changes that i have made does it work with the poster. He helped  alot to finalize my poster and making it look good at the end.

Working on the Final A1 Poster

Final A1 Poster

Final Reflection.

Typography Projects taught a lot about type and how type affect the reader if its a good font to read is it beautiful enough to apply it as a book cover, menu, poster.. etc. typography taught how to do research for fonts and font style the body copy sizes. at the beginning I never though that typography would affect people thinking. But now after I studied about type I became more concerned about everything I read and how I have the passion to change many companies fonts style . And Thanx to professor for teaching us the Indesign program this program had many option to play with the font type, style, size , leading, tracking, alignment , justified type, Gestalt. Now I started to value the typography more than anything and how it is now impacting my life and thinking when i look at fonts and I’m passionate to make any font look beautiful.

Typography 1

Week 13 – Project 005: Final Poster A1

In this week we were asked to join all what we have learned and did in the typography class and apply them in the poster. its the old poster that we did in our second project. the duration for this project is 2 weeks. so the first week Professor Law told us to do 3 version of A3 posters having the three old project together so the 50/50 black and white letters supposed to be a logo then the sentence and the paragraph. Professor Law suggested that all of us should use the Indesign program not illustrator.

Version 1

Version 2

Version 3

After that we printed them A3 papers then we had critique with Professor Law and assistant Mahmoud. they gave us critique for the placement of the logo , the sentence and the paragraph. Professor suggest that I shrink the logo a little bit a try to work more on version 3 which is using the boxes the sentence and the paragraph because the background is overlapping with the text. also he suggested that the logo background should be white, this is by adding a white box behind the logo.



Design of process and method

Week 15 – Project 003 Performative Exhibition

Final week..

On Sunday we were all gathered to finish whats left over for example filling the boxes with materials and arranging the pedestals and the spaces that we need to use for the exhibition.  We stick the rules and the tile on the partition, we had made two decision which is either to stick these information on the front partition or the one on the right side. And my idea was to put it in front because people when they come they look what in front of them not whats on the side of the partition and everyone agreed to what I said.

After that we did a semi final installation to stick the arrows sign on the right space and to check each of us her volume sound of the animation to make sure it not louder or lower but in between. also we arranged our roles that when I Say 1 2 3 everyone gonna play the animation together so it starts and ends at the same time for all the laptops.

On Monday i was responsible to come early and arrange the installation again because there was class on Sunday which we had to move our stuff to the corner area. I was also responsible to stick the boxes on the pedestals using the double sided tape.

Final Exhibition

Final GROUP Reflection 

After spending weeks working on our animation and installation , we accomplished a very satisfying result by working in a good pace. Our teamwork was great and we merged all of our ideas  together.  We made 5 different animations and boxes, we incorporated  three senses and they are : sight, touch and hearing.  We all took notes about the movie and researched  that time period. We looked up  the color theory and how it triggers specific feelings. We Experimented with different materials t add inside the boxes and we did a test about how it work with the animation. We also made a mini test set up to check how loud the volume of our animations should be because we all have different volume settings in our videos. We all spent time to set up our display which includes the pedestals and the wooden panels.

2.  What are the groups concerns about the project today?

  •  We were afraid that when people would go inside they would pull out whats in the boxes.
  • We couldn’t find the pedestals we requested, and so we had to choose another size.
  • One group took the pedestals we requested later and even painted one black, and so we had to stay longer at uni to solve this problem.
  • The pedestals that we ordered for the laptop weren’t high enough.

3.  How will the group address and manage these concerns?

  •  We made a set of rules, printed them out of vinyl sticker and placed them on a wooden panel on the outside.
  • Isabelle showed us different samples we can chose from and so we did.
  • We also urgently contacted Isabelle for one extra pedestals.
  • We thought of getting more boxes so we can put our laptops on top so that they won’t be the same heigh.

4.  What innovations did your group make today?

  •  We combined animations with a box containing different materials to touch.
  • We used old sheilas to make little curtains for the box’s holes so you can’t see whats inside.
  • Using extra boxes to elevate the laptops
  • We tried using unusual materials that people won’t recognize and question.
  • we reused the idea of balloons inside our  boxes to make a stronger connection between the animation and the balloon that they can touch physically.


1 How did you personally contribute to the collaboration today? 

I contributed really well and I did my best in giving suggestion and helping the member group with anything they are struggling with.

2 What did you personally contribute to the collaboration today? 

  • I came early to reinstall all the pedestols and partitions in right area.
  • I fixed all the boxes and places them on the pedestal with double sided tape so the box wont move.
  • I gave suggestions for the boxes materials to Nadia, Noora and Fatima.

• What did you make? 

 1- making animations

2- bringing materials for my box.

3- painting the pedestals and partitions

4-  arranging the area for the installation.

5-  Filling the application with Noora.

6- making the instruction or the rules for people to read before entering.

7- Brought sheilahs to cover the the box side were we cut it into two circles to place the hands in. and I decided that so people don’t see whats inside the box.

• Research? 

 1- Did general research with group for psychological emotional color wheel and the textures that imapct feeling and emotion that for the box.

2- I did research for video tutorial because I wasn’t that good in using the adobe after effect these tutorials helped a lot to solve my main problem.

3- Watched the movie again to take some notes and some music parts for my animation.

4- Did research for colors theory => thats for my animation because i wanted to add a background color that represent no emotions or feelings.

• Discover?

we all discovered more about the color theory and the psychological emotional color wheel. We discovered also new problems when we installed our pedestols the height for them wasn’t good enough so we ordered more boxes to left our laptops higher.

• Experiment with?

I experimented different materials for what to put in the boxes such as ( Rope , threads, and cottons).  also experiment how to place the materials in the box whether to hang it on the cover of the box or to leave it in the box like that with no specific placement.

2 What risks did you take today? Why and how? 

Is having each on of us standing next to their pedestals, so I gave the sign to play the animation together.

4 Reflecting on what has happened today, what did you learn or discover about yourself?

           About the design process? About time management?

everything went smoothly and it really nice seeing people reaction when they saw the exhibition  and the interaction when they place their hands in the box. I learned really an important thing is time management and interacting with the team each day and listening to suggestions that each on of us give and take it under consideration. we never been late for our dues and work that we need show for each other. The design process was well arranged because we had a schedule to follow for each week what we need to be done with and about the time management we managed everything on time thats because we followed the schedule.

Design of process and method

Week 14 – Project 003 Performative Exhibition

On this week we worked on the boxes each of us should have one box to cut the hand sides where people going to put their hands inside to feel the texture. We did this together by knowing exactly the measurement and the sizes of lines that we need to cut off. The next day all of us brought their materials that need to be inside the box.

Dividing work and boxes

The next week of critique with Professor Law and assistant Fatima we showed them the boxes and the things that we have put inside them along with animation to show them the general idea of our concept. And then they have tried inserting their  hands for each animation to feel the scene that they are watching, and professor law suggest some of us to change the materials that er have inside the box because it doesn’t go along with the animation that we have done. so he suggest for my box is that instead of having a thick textured rope a thread or string because mine supposed to have like no emotions in their.

Folding and cutting the boxes

The next day we started to work on the application for borrowing the pedestals and partitions. We all did the application together because we had to decide the sizes ( Length and width) and then we start to thing of the perspective view and eye view like people must not bend their back to watch the animation nor to put their hands in the does we want them all to be in the eye level and comfortable. After we received the pedestals Me and Noora decide to paint them all white because some of the pedestals and partitions is green and blue and the rest is stained white so both of us were responsible for this part is to fix all staining and make them all white again.

Painting all pedestal and partitions

After that Me , Maryam and Noora we worked on the instructions and the title name that we are going to put in the partition. we decided which rules are needed the most and we also decided to make sure that the font is clear. we also decided for the title to be in french which everyone agreed with. So, basically we wanted to use the stickers papers that sticks on the partition and everyone suggested to go to Mahmoud for help. Mahmoud showed us how to print on these type of papers and showed us how to stick them. We had our files for the signs of arrows, instruction and title of our project to print them.

Printed colorful arrows

These colorful arrows are for reason first is to guide people which direction they should enter and exist and it colorful because each color represent the scene or the animation that they watch.

Title and the instructions



Design of process and method

Week 13 – Project 003 Performative Exhibition


This week we all gathered to discuss the animation and which program should we use to do it. firstly, we all decided to do the animation in few seconds maximum 35 seconds, because  we didn’t want to make it look boring with long scene so we are going to make it in few seconds and looped. we used 2 programs Adobe after effect and Adobe Premiere. One of my group member (Maryam) volunteered to do the balloon in the illustration so that we don’t have different sizes of ballon and different range of red color and we all agreed to do this. a few days later she sends us the file of the ballon according to each animation scene. As we discussed that some of us had issues and I’m one of them with using the adobe after effect because its a new program that we just learned in the design technology studio, but that didn’t stops us from doing the animation in the program. so the second week was basically divided into two section “Sunday, Monday, Tuesday” is to do some research , youtube tutorial and to get the experience in the adobe after affect then ” Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday we started to work on the animation and to make sure its done in the second week.

Youtube Tutorial :

1- After Effects Expressions Tutorial – POSITION CONTROLLERS! (Very Useful!) youtube.

2- AE Basics 20: Shape Layers Part 4 – Merge Paths – YouTube.

3-  Ducky- After effects character animation youtube.

The second meeting with Professor Law and Assistant Fatima , was to show them half of the progress of the animation. and as Professor Law mentioned is to make the scene a bit slower and to make the balloon and rope has more movement not stiff for all of us , also he suggested that each of us at the end of the animation the ballon should go somewhere for example =>

Animation Scene 1 – Amna Al-Naama ( The ballon should move to the left side a bit down of the screen.)

Animation Scene 2 – Nadia Al-Majid ( The ballon should move down in the center of the screen.)

Animation scene 3 – Noora Al-Saei ( The balloon should move up in the center of the screen.)

Animation Scene 4- Maryma Ibrahim ( The ballon should move to down to the right of the screen.)

Animation Scene 5 – Fatima Al-Sulati ( The balloons should be all gathered and move up in the center of the screen.)

I did many versions for my animation scene because of the struggling and also when I’m done with each try and  show my group to see if I’m doing the right thing or not and to suggest me to do some changes after that. The struggling was worth it I learned a lot about after effect and how use the tools really well and thanks to my one of the member of the group (Maryam) she helped me how use some tools in program.

My tries:-

First of all I fixed the scale for the balloon and the street light . Then I fixed the movement of the balloon and rope to make it look more natural then I downloaded half of the movie so I can download the sound of the beginning of the part were the balloon was attached to the the street lamp. I had also other issue when I exported the video from adobe after effect with different media like mp3 mp4 and quick time some of them went blurry and not clear and some didn’t have a loop.